MT4 for Mac

MetaTrader for Mac Why XM MT4 for Mac is Better? Experience the same functionality you would have on a Windows based computer on your Mac. Trade on an MT4 on… more

Trading Hours

Access to 24-hour/day online and phone trading Trading sessions from Sunday 22:05 GMT to Friday 21:50 GMT Real-time market info Latest financial news 24/5 customer support Forex Market Hours As… more

Overnight Positions

Rollover at XM Competitive Swap rates Transparent Swap Rates 3-day rollover strategy Following current interest rates XM Rollover Policy XM debits or credits clients’ accounts, and handles rollover interest at… more Leverage

XM Leverage explained, All about leverage or margin requirements, Finding out what is XM trading leverage for online forex trading accounts, For more information about XM Forex leverage you… more

XM Spreads Spreads are as low as 0 pips on major currencies, All you need to know about XM Spreads on all major currencies like euro dollar. XM Spreads as Low… more

Execution Policy

99.35% of All Trades are Executed in Less than 1 Second Strict NO re-quotes policy – NO Virtual Dealer plug-in 100% execution rate – no rejection of orders Real-time market… more


Advantages of Oil Trading and Energies Trading with XM High volatility – greater price movement Trade oil – the most actively traded commodity worldwide Go short/long according to market moves… more

Precious Metals

Advantages of Gold Trading and Precious Metals Trading with XM Trade gold and silver online with no-requotes An attractive investment alternative beside Forex Highly liquid markets Go short or long… more

Equity Indices

Advantages of Equity Indices Trading with XM Cost-effective and direct access to the global equity markets Instant access to global economies Speculation on market uptrends/downtrends Going short/long according to market… more


Advantages of Commodity Trading at XM Trading without actually owning the financial instrument on which the contract is based Instant exposure to global economies Speculation on future uptrend/downtrend market price… more